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the science of self-healing

"our lifestyle is our medicine, every choice matters."
- Sami Thorpe

Lifestyle Medicine research has shown that up to 80% of chronic health issues can be reversed through comprehensive lifestyle changes and treating the cause.

If we treat the whole person, not just the physical symptoms and find out why we experience certain symptoms physically, emotionally, mentally, behaviourally and approach it accordingly then we really can create change from the inside out.

Health, happiness and vitality are possible for anyone. Your brain and your body want you to be in balance, all you need for self-healing to work is self-responsibility for your issue and a willingness to make changes to be well.

Most people understand that our brain directs our organ tissues and tells them what to do, e.g. our brain signals our heart to beat, or our hand to pick up things, our lungs to breathe, our body temperature to be around 37 degrees, our muscles to contract and relax, eyes to open and close, laugh or smile when we feel joy, cry or dwell when we feel sad etc.

So if our brain is sending the messages to our cells to do all of these amazing functions that it does without us even being aware of it, it make sense then that the brain is also directing our organs and tissues when we experiences physical or emotional symptoms.

There is no doubt that what we ingest nutritionally and physical exercise and activity affect the chemistry of our brain and therefore our body and mental state. 

Modern Science also demonstrates that the other major player, infact the most influential player in health and healing is our mind.

To be more specific it is our thoughts that fire the neurons that create the chemistry in the specific part of our brain that travel to the relevant parts of the body to produce physical responses and emotions experienced as symptoms. It is actually very specific and very intentional. We could say that our thoughts are like the CEO, the Master or Director for our brain and body chemistry.

Have you ever thought of eating your favourite food and experienced more saliva in your mouth? This is because the thought of the food has produced the physical response of more saliva as your body is getting ready to digest the food as if it were there.

Have you ever thought about a scary moment or a bad memory and your heart has started to beat faster, or you felt anger rising in your belly, got a sick feeling in your gut, started to sweat etc? This is because the thought of these moments causes the physical responses of stress or danger lurking and your body and brain are preparing to run away or fight to protect you.

Have you ever had a problem that you keep thinking of over and over or it even keeps you awake at night? This is because your brain is searching for a solution to your problem so it gives you the physical response of more energy or obsessive thought to help you try and find a solution.

Our symptoms are actually our body's feedback system and our brain’s way of directing our organs to come up with a solution.

​Imagine if you knew how to listen to the feedback and there is something you can do with it...

The science of self-healing utilizes your body’s natural intelligence based on neuro-biology and the very specific, intentional and intricate connection between your brain, energy systems, organ tissues, hormones, emotions and beliefs to help you heal your symptoms or life challenges. It's foundation comes from decades of research by practitioners and medical doctors and re-defines our under­standing of illness, healing and health completely. 

You can't switch a light on and off at the same time. Likewise, your body can't be in stress and repair at the same time. 

To switch into repair mode and bring you back into balance, we need to identify and resolve the stress that is influencing the process of your symptoms - whether they be experienced for you as physical or emotional symptoms or life challenges.

With advanced analysis systems such as Lifestyle Prescriptions®, Biocompass® and Meta-health® and energy psychology methods such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting we can find your very specific stress triggers or root causes that create the chemical processes in your body and energy systems for your symptoms. When we know the cause then we can do something about it to create your healing and new reality.

This is what makes healing possible. healing from post-natal depression or anxiety, healing from chronic back pain, healing from birth trauma, healing from thyroid issues, healing from ovary and menstrual issues, healing from chronic miscarriages, healing from infertility, healing from overwhelming stress, healing from obsessive behaviour, healing from chronic pain...It is ALL possible.

Health coaching is about creating the changes you are after. Helping you to heal from your past and bring the future you dream of into your present reality I guide you to create change from the inside out, elevate your energy and create new habits. This may involve lifestyle changes, energy methods, mindset, complimentary therapies, referring you for medical treatment,  or a combination of them.

If the hormones of stress push the genetic buttons that create illness and you can turn on the stress response by thought alone then your thoughts can make you sick, and if your thoughts can make you sick then it's possible your thoughts can make you well. - Joe Dispenza.

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