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matrix reimprinting

imagine if your current self could go back to your younger self to help them, and this could change things for your health and happiness now... 

how does it work?

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what is matrix reimprinting?

​​Matrix Reimprinting is a gentle and profoundly life changing Energy Psychology Technique created by EFT Master Karl Dawson that dramatically improves your emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing.  ​​

​​Matrix Reimprinting advances EFT incorporating all the latest developments in the New Sciences and Quantum Physics by using EFT to resolve and transform your negative past experiences and beliefs via your subconscious memories.  This literally helps you heal your past which allows you to dramatically transform your behavioural, emotional, mental and physical health and personal freedom in the present.

stress, trauma and beliefs

​​Along with the pictures, stressful or significantly emotional memories hold our traumas, (small or large) and are underpinned by limiting core beliefs.
It is easy to think that when we talk about trauma that this means a big thing like death, injury or life threatening experiences. These things most certainly are traumatic, but there are many people who may not have experienced such things and may not relate to the word trauma. When we link trauma to our core beliefs though, this can change our perception of the word trauma and how it affects the way all of us operate in our own world every day.
Your core beliefs are what you believe is the truth about yourself and the world around you. They are stored in your subconscious mind and influence everything in your life. Unconsciously you tune into them everyday which affects your emotional, mental and physical health, well-being and point of attraction. 
What's more is the majority of your core beliefs are programmed into your minds data base by the age of 6 from what you saw, felt, heard, experienced and observed (from parents, siblings, community and the world around you). This means that what you believe is the truth about yourself and your world is decided by how you perceived situations when you were very young but continue to operate from as an adult.
If we bring trauma back into this, imagine what is traumatic for a child compared to an adult and the belief that could be formed at the time. To a child, making a mistake at school, could form the belief, "I'm stupid, I can't do maths"; being teased by a big brother at home or not heard could form the belief, "I'm not important or no-one listens to me"; getting lost for a minute at the shops, or being ignored when they cry, could form the belief, "I'm alone, I’m not safe, my feelings aren’t important" etc. The formation of core beliefs can go back as far as time in the womb or birth.
When things happen to you, you make split second decisions about yourself in that moment and those decisions become your core beliefs, which then become your minds programs that you continue to operate and react from for life unless you do something to change them.


changing your mind

​​That sounds simple right, to change your mind, just change that belief then…

Talking, willpower, positive thinking or conscious changing of your mind are not enough to re-program your core beliefs. This is because they are stored in your subconscious mind, they are hard wired into the way you operate and communicating with your subconscious mind is not as simple as talking to yourself.

You operate from your subconscious mind for 95% of the day. Your subconscious mind is the one you are unaware of and it operates every moment of every day. It is your habit ‘auto-pilot’ part of the mind that contains your own personal data base of memories, programs and beliefs for everything you've ever learned or experienced.
It underpins the way you operate daily with everything from your body's processes and chemical functions to what you feel and believe.  
Dr. Bruce Lipton says, “unless the subconscious mind has the same programming as the conscious mind, the power of positive thinking will not work.”
The secret to being able to permanently change your mind, your beliefs and your reactions is to be able to talk to your subconscious mind and match the desires of your conscious mind to the beliefs of your subconscious mind.
There are only a few ways to do this and Matrix Reimprinting is one of them.


the power of matrix reimprinting

​​Matrix Reimprinting allows you to tune into your subconscious memories, to locate, process and release your past trauma, (small or large), find your associated negative core belief and work with your memory to transform it. ​This facilitates major shifts in your core beliefs, allowing them to be transformed to new life enhancing, nourishing beliefs and subconscious programs which then goes on to affect your body chemistry, thus influencing your behaviour, health, happiness and ability to achieve success.

How often have your heard yourself say things such as, I forgive that person, I am over that now, I've moved on, or try to think positive but then get derailed or something triggers an emotion you didn't realise was there anymore? That is because the conscious mind might believe these new things but the subconscious mind does not know it, the subconscious is still reacting from beliefs formed in memories of the past. Matrix Reimprinting creates a space to let your more powerful subconscious mind know those things so that true shifts and healing can happen.

Matrix Reimprinting allows you to re-write your past so that you can transform your future.

matrix reimprinting benefits

Matrix Reimprinting is brilliant to combine with Biocompass® and Lifestyle Prescriptions® to identify the source of your issues, not just treat the symptoms, but to really clear what is keeping your problems in place. Biocompass® and Lifestyle Prescriptions® advanced analysis systems are so specific at pinpointing the cause of your issues or symptoms and Matrix Reimprinting and EFT are so gentle and profoundly life changing in shifting and releasing them.​​

Just as with EFT, the question really should be, what can’t Matrix Reimprinting help you with?​ It can help you transform any number of emotional, mental or physical health issues including: Reducing stress, healing your past, creating the future you dream of, post-natal anxiety, depression or o.c.d, unsettled mums and babies, pregnancy issues, preparing for empowered birth, healing birth trauma, bonding and connection, fertilitiy issues, breast issues, thyroid issues, womb issues, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, peak performace or learning blocks,  phobias, allergies, traumas, relationship issues, abuse, bullying, physical pain, chronic sports injuries, disease, recovering from Injury, post-traumatic stress, frightening memories, mental health sssues, trouble at work, home or school..... and more.  Anything that is important to you is what we can work on.

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