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matrix birth reimprinting

Matrix Birth Reimprinting is a gentle and profoundly life changing Energy Psychology Technique created by Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting Expert and Trainer Sharon King that helps people access and heal the often unrecognised and ealiest origins of many of their lifelong emotional and physical problems. 

How we come into the world really matters. What happens to us in the womb and at birth can have far-reaching consequences that shape the way we see and experience the world for the rest of our lives.

"heal your birth, heal your life."

​​- Sharon King

who is it for?

Everyone who has ever been born can benefit from Matrix Birth Reimprinting, but to be more specific, it can help...​​

To heal any previous pregnancy or birth significant emotional experiences or trauma (for mum and baby), fears of giving birth, any issues currently going on during pregnancy, preparing for labour, future birth reimprinting to attract the beautiful birth experience you want to have and also to connect with your baby in the womb to clear any fears or concerns going on for them so they can feel safe and happy in the womb and also when it’s time to be born.

To heal issues from pregnancy or birthing that may be affecting the way mum and baby both feel, bonding, breastfeeding, sleep and the health of mum and baby.

Clearing any pregnancy or birth related issues or trauma from mum, can also clear it from baby and help them to calm and settle.

Issues or trauma during conception, pregnancy or birthing can have a huge impact on brain chemistry and the way mum feels. Healing such issues can dramatically influence mind and body returning to balance.

Women trying to conceive, experiencing issues with fertility, getting pregnant or pregnancy developing.

Women who have experienced loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage (including abortion).

If you have been adopted yourself or have given baby up for adoption.

Time in the womb from conception, during pregnancy to being born and afterwards is shaping baby’s belief systems, feelings, thoughts, brain and body development.

A developing baby has no sense of self, everything mum is going through, baby is going through. Issues or trauma that we go through during this time can influence so much that is going on and continue throughout life. Healing these experiences for babies & children through mum, or if older through yourself, can have a powerful effect on health & behaviour moving forward.

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