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Biocompass is an Advanced Analysis System created by world lead trainer and health expert Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D. This system helps us understand your very specific and synchronised mind-brain-body processes so that we can target the root cause of your physical symptoms or life challenges and then points us in the direction of how to resolve them.

It's foundation comes from decades of research by practitioners and medical doctors and re-defines our under­standing of illness, healing and health completely. 

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how does it work?

your thoughts affect your body
Every single one of our trillion body cells and tissues has a biological purpose - a job to do. For example, the deep dermis layers of the skin provide protection for the muscles, bones and organs underneath, whereas the outer epidermis layer of the skin has more the function of touch and connection. 

When we are out of balance for various reasons then any one of our body tissues, including our brain and psyche can be affected and we can experience symptoms.

We discussed on the science of self healing page how our thoughts affect our brain chemistry which then affects our body and with Biocompass® we can be very specific about this connection and discover the cause and WHY you experience the symptoms you do. 

How would you feel about your symptoms if you knew there was an intelligent reason or biological purpose for them?

how can biocompass® help you?

Biocompass​​​® gives us deeper levels of understanding in how the mind influences the body, and what to do about it. It works on the principles that you not only have a mind-body connection but actually a very specific, intentional and intricate connection between your brain, energy systems, organ tissues, hormones, emotions and beliefs.

Behavioural, emotional, mental and physical health issues are completely inter-connected. Each area of your brain relays information and chemicals to a specific organ tissue in your body and when you experience symptoms, there is a specific stressor that created the process. 

When we understand this, it takes away the guess work. We can go straight to the biological meaning and target the root cause of your symptoms or life challenge and then we have an opportunity to resolve it and unlock your potential for self-healing and vitality for a new reality. 

biocompass® benefits 

With Biocompass®, we can find the 'needle in the haystack' to help you heal and change from the inside out.

  • Biocompass® navigates you through your own personalised map to heal and resolve your specific issue from its roots 
  • We can pinpoint the exact emotional stress, beliefs and traumas that began and underpin the process of your symptoms or life challenge
  • When we know the cause, we can plan effective treatment to clear what is holding your symptoms in place to initiate self-healing. This can be using any appropriate means for you, including EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, mainstream medicine and holistic approaches 
  • Biocompass® helps you develop and honour a new empowering relationships with your body and mind