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- Claire, Melbourne VIC


I began attending sessions with Jodie in a very emotionally fragile, exhausted state when I had a mental breakdown and reproductive health issues galore...PCOS, irregular periods, abnormal pap tests, pain during sex, thrush, UTI's, you name it.

In over 10 years, Jodie was the first practitioner who I felt safe with. She was clear, kind and intuitive in knowing what and how much I could handle throughout our journey together. Not once did I feel judged, afraid or coaxed into believing what she thought was going on, she guided me to figure it out on my own. 

I have reversed my emotional and most of my reproductive health issues and I no longer have abnormal cells in my cervix. Seeing her has quite literally changed the course of my life, I am blooming into the woman I always wanted to be and for that I am forever grateful. 


- Sarah, Melbourne VIC



- Tory, Melbourne VIC

I am Jodie, founder and Integrative Mind-Body Practitioner at Heal.Grow.Shine and I help women to heal, grow and shine from physical symptoms or life challenges to live the happiest and healthiest version of themself.

My specialty areas are women’s health issues, fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth, early childhood and parenting challenges, stress reduction, anxiety, support for mums and connecting you to creating the life, feelings, health and experiences you wish for.

The modalities I use are EFT (Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting,  Lifestyle Prescriptions®, Biocompass® and Meta-Health®.

The body always follows the mind. Have you ever seen the kid’s movie 'Inside Out'? It's all about being inside a young girls’ mind and seeing how her thoughts, emotions and memories affect her reality.... well this is similar to how we operate as adults too.

With an integrative approach to wellness, I help you feel differently, bring your mind and body into balance and create change from the inside out.

Healing is not just physical or nutritional, it's mindful, energetic and emotional too. My methods help to identify the source of your issues or challenges, not just treat the symptoms, so that you can unlock your body wisdom and heal from within to really clear what is keeping your problems in place.

By changing your energy and updating your mind's conscious and subconscious automatic programs, you can change your brain waves, your body chemistry and your hearts’ magnetic field. You can experience healing, move out of your past and into your present with health, freedom and vitality, bringing the future you want to you.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says...  “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

I truly love this work, it’s life changing. I look forward to helping you to heal, grow and shine.

With love and light, Jodie xo.

 Jodie Ross:
​Qualifications & Certifications...

- EFTMRA EFT Practitioner

- EFTMRA Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

- EFTMRA Matrix Birth Reimprinting ​Practitioner

​- EFTMRA Matrix Reimprinting Ambassador

- Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

- Biocompass® Health Coach

- Meta-Health® Master Practitioner

- IICT International Institute for 
  Complimentary Therapies Member

- EFTAP EFT Australasian Practitioners
​  Association Member

- Lifestyle Prescriptions® University
  Directory Member


Matrix Reimprinting

I overcame my fear of childbirth...

Shout out to this amazing lady who runs @jodieross.healgrowshine. So blessed to have this unicorn of a woman in my life. When Jodie first talked about helping me with a chronic injury I had I was super sceptical. EFT Tapping? Matrix Reimprinting? Whaaaat?? BUT after 1 session with Jodie I had completely changed my mind!
Fast forward a year later: pregnant with my first baby!! Super exciting. I actually never wanted to have children growing up (you change your mind as you get older) as the pushing a baby out part scared the shit out of me!! You get told how awful it is, movies and tv don’t help. So off I went back to Jodie who helped me overcome my fear  of child birth... 

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